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Véronique Thiboult-Le Bagousse and Fotolia

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Véronique Thiboult Le Bagousse
Property valuation expert
Member of the France Chamber of Property Experts
136, Boulevard Malesherbes – 75017 PARIS
Tél. +33 (0) 6 11 68 52 19

2006 B 00918
Trade and companies registry: 487 924 409 R.C.S PARIS
VAT: FR74487924409
CAISSE DE GARANTIE DE L’IMMOBILIER (property security fund, “CGAIM”): member no. 42965 B

Transaction Card no. T13975
Caisse de Garantie CGAIM
secured up to €120,000

Professional liability insurance contracted with ALLIANZ
Policy no. 40.419.380