Rare, Safe and Exclusive

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Looking to invest in Majorca?

Mallorca Home Connexion is an independent agency that identifies plots of land, “fincas” and village houses in the south-east of the island. Our unique and personal approach provides customers with service and support for their plans to buy second homes, property to let and pure investments.

Choosing us means:

Finding your property free of stress by simply relying on our experience and advice.

Saving time by dealing with just one contact.

Saving money with our local network of professionals that has been operating for several years.

« We saved so much time and effort by using Mallorca Home Connexion’s services to find the plot of land of our dreams in Majorca. They really understood what we were looking for and thanks to their experience, we got all the advice we needed and even advice on things we hadn’t even thought about, which steered us clear of trouble …»


Christophe & Géraldine

« I found the lovely house I’d been looking for thanks to Mallorca Home Connexion, with just the right amount of renovation to do. Their exclusive offer helped me buy an interesting property off-market. The support and advice allowed me to reach a safe and fast deal. »



End-to-end support

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In touch with your needs

Our 20 years experience in property investment guarantees results perfectly in line with your plans

We will find the best offer meeting your wishes



Via a network of highly skilled service professionals

Being well-connected in local markets opens up potential off-market sales. Mallorca Home Connexion hunts for properties in line with specific requests and meets the expectations of investors looking for first rate opportunities

Land – Houses – Renovation – Apartments – Hotels – etc…



Safe investments require in-depth appreciation of the specific features of a country and its regions

Mallorca Home Connexion provides support throughout your various steps of buying a property by:

Obtaining official tax documentation

Contacting lawyers and public notaries

Assisting with obtaining building or renovation permits

Negotiating the deal

Obtaining mortgages




An adventure involving people and team work

Mallorca Home Connexion works with a local French-speaking architect to facilitate conversations and understand what you’re looking for:

Help in selecting suppliers based on independently performed tenders

Monitoring of construction progress (ongoing contact between clients and the work site)

Properties to rent if necessary



From regular surveillance to maintaining your property, Mallorca Home Connexion Conciergerie puts its full experience and contacts to work to provide a first class service.

Your home is our business…

Mallorca Home Connexion Conciergerie gives you peace of mind for your precious home.

Customised service to make your stay easy:

House Maintenance

House security

Bespoke services

Rental assistance