“The idea of setting up Mallorca Home Connexion, specialising in investment support in Majorca, came to me from my own experience. When I learned about the strengths of the island, which was already very popular with Germans, Swiss and northern Europeans even if it was little-known to the French, and having thoroughly thought the idea through, in 2011 I decided to invest in a property that would combine the pleasure of a second home in safe surroundings with a guarantee of making a secure high-potential investment.”

Backed by 20 years experience in high-end property investment consulting in France, Véronique Thiboult-Le Bagousse* decided to capitalise on her own experience and set up a personal firm for investment hunting in a much sought-after destination, with high potential for capital appreciation. She decided to found Mallorca Home Connexion primarily to support French buyers with little time, but above all people who did not know the market well enough to be in the right place at the right time to seal the perfect deal.

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* Consulting for property investments and minimising tax, CEIF property appraisal experts, a FNAIM member and manager of STONES www.stones-invest.com